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Instructions List of Commands

1. In the first input field labeled "> Enter an API request", enter one of the commands (listed below).

2. If you want to retrieve data for a specific molecule, enter the molecule name in the second input field labeled "> Enter a molecule name (optional)".

3. Click on the "Submit" button to submit the query. The results will be displayed on the page.

4. If you want to execute another query, clear the input fields and repeat the steps.

'list_molecules': Retrieves all the data for every molecule in the database.

'get_all_spectroscopy_constants': Retrieves all the spectroscopy constants for every molecule in the database. If a molecule name is specified, only the spectroscopy constants for that molecule will be retrieved. If a constant name is specified (keep the molecule name input empty), all data related to that constant will be retrived. Supported spectroscopy constants: 'Te' 'omega_e' 'omega_ex_e' 'Be' 'alpha_e' 'De' 'Re' 'D0' 'IP'.

'get_specific_spectroscopy_constant': Retrieves a specific spectroscopy constant for every molecule in the database. You need to specify the constant parameter with the name of the constant. Supported spectroscopy constants: 'Te' 'omega_e' 'omega_ex_e' 'Be' 'alpha_e' 'De' 'Re' 'D0' 'IP'. If a molecule name is further specified, the constant will only be retrieved for that molecule.

Team Contact info

E-mail: molecularspectroscopysbu@gmail.com

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Last update: 2023/Aug/20

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